Writing activities for second grade students

Grade 3 can also try to find a hexagon, an oval and an octagon shape.

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Then the students tell the teacher what to write on the board to explain the experience. Write about your favorite holiday memory. More voices are urging the utilization of interactive writing, a powerful and instructionally rich teaching practice linked to stronger independent writers i.

Interactive writing in a primary grade classroom. Where do they need more guidance and support. Interactive writing may be used for a range of authentic purposes, such as writing a letter, recording a science experiment, summarizing or extending a story read aloud, or labeling a diagram.

Second Grade Pronoun Worksheets

Use a geoboard and create a shape with 1 elastic. Less and More A third difference in implementing this instructional method with older students is the lesson frequency and duration. I hope some of the writing activities I share with you will help you to reduce anxiety in your ESL students and increase their language and writing skills.

For a more colorful presentation, encourage students to illustrate the writing after it is complete using a variety of techniques, such as collage, painting, or drawing.

Dinosaur Reading Comprehension Worksheet 1 - Read short paragraphs about Diplodocus, Pachycephalosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus then answer questions about each.

I have been teaching ESL for many years and there is no perfect solution to this problem; however, I do believe I have added quite a few writing activities to my bag of tricks and improved my ability to differentiate writing tasks based on student ability.

Interactive writing exemplifies this principle as each lesson component i. A range of writing across the content areas. Post a list of spelling words, vocabulary words, or content words at the center. Make fries by cutting yellow sponges into strips. While technology is not required for upper-grade implementation, it can be effective and engaging.

Review on Nouns and Verbs Have everyone read all the sentences aloud. I lie down for an hour or two and then I watch TV for a little bit. Second grade spelling fun: You may want to have four or five shoeboxes in the center.

I divide mine into appetizers, entrees and desserts. During interactive writing, there are frequent opportunities to differentiate instruction in order to meet individual student needs.

This writer is unable to organize her thoughts and stick to one topic to write about.

Writing Center Activities for Second Grade

Sentence Circle After the activity above, gather everyone in a circle. The desserts are more challenging, so they are for after the students have tried the appetizers and some of the entrees.

In turn have each player roll a 12 sided die, then cover that number on her clock with the correctly labeled chip. A second grade blog with many ideas, activities, and freebies for 2nd grade. Math Journal Prompts for Second Grade Students need to be writing and discussing math daily.

Math journals allow students to solve problems using pictures and words. It is a great way for me to see whether a student truly understands a math concept. Our second grade writing worksheets provide fun writing, reading and spelling practice.

Kids write their own stories with our easy-to-use printable templates! Great for home or classroom use. Whole Class Activities for 2nd grade spelling - Your students are sure to enjoy playing "Stand & Spell" and "Identity Riddles"!

Second Grade Writing Standards

Accompanying these Student Center Activities is a Teacher Resource Guide and Professional Development DVD that offers important insights on differentiated instruction and how to use the student.

This is particularly true when those students are second-graders and the educational topic is writing. Second-grade writing worksheets offer myriad options for improving writing proficiency, from interesting creative writing story prompts to refresher lessons on adjectives, adverbs, homophones, diphthongs, and more.

I'm finally back for another writing workshop post! But, before we get to that I thought I would share a little something with you. I created some 2nd Grade Common Core EQs for a friend of mine and thought maybe some of you could use them as well. Second Grade Writing Worksheets Reading Persuasive Writing: Persuasive Writing Second Grade Writing Lessons and Prompts Persuasive Writing Prompts with Fiction A Dollar a Day (Grades ) Eating Through the Week (Grades ) Time to Learn (Grades ) Pine Cones for the Birds (Grades 1 .

Writing activities for second grade students
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